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Accessory equipment

spraye do czyszczenia okularów
In order for purchased protective equipment to perform its functions for as long as possible, it is necessary to properly store and care for it. The basic rules for both of these aspects are contained in the instruction manual provided by the manufacturer. The treatments described there include regular cleaning and protection against more serious dirt and, in the case of filters, also scratches that can reduce the protective functions of glasses or protective glasses. In order to facilitate the care and storage of purchased equipment, especially safety glasses, laser PRO offers a range of accessories including:
  • plastic eyeglasses case
  • aluminum eyeglasses case
  • elastic belt-attached eyeglasses pouch
  • microfiber eyeglasses cloth
  • microfiber eyeglasses cloths microfiber
  • cleaning stations for
  • spray eyeglasses
  • moistened eyeglasses cloths
  • glasses cleaning sprays – without and with alcohol content
  • glasses cabinets
In addition, we also offer solutions to increase safety and facilitate the work of laser operators, including:
  • “LASER “warning lights
  • LED lights to be mounted on safety glasses
  • additional attachment of glasses to the head
  • replaceable plastic straps for glasses
  • corrective eyeglasses (for use instead of corrective glasses)

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