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Laser micromachining: cutting, welding, surface treatment

Thanks to our cooperation with a partner from Germany, we can also offer you precision laser micromachining services covering a whole range of processes – from SMD die making, laser micro-cutting, nano-coating, electropolishing, to deep engraving, bending and laser marking. The common denominator of these processes is their microscale, requiring high precision and repeatability of processing, which only the highest quality processing systems can provide.

The micromachining services we offer include:

  • creating dies for the production of electronics and photovoltaic components
  • cutting microstructures up to 2 mm thick with dimensions of 800 x 500/600 mm
  • surface optimization: cleaning,
  • polishing, coating, contour grinding
  • deep laser engraving
  • micro-bending
  • laser marking
  • label creation
  • laser micro-welding

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