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Laser welding and surfacing heads

Selecting the right laser welding heads is – in addition to proper clamping technique and surface preparation – a major factor affecting the end result of the laser material joining process. Modern laser heads not only focus the laser beam to a preset spot size, but can also take complex measurements of the joining area even before the weld is made, and then adjust the position of the laser spot accordingly to achieve the desired welding effect. Equipped with advanced measurement systems, they allow on- and offline inspection of the welding process and secondary control of weld quality.

Precisely tailored to the application, laser heads also play an important role in the laser surfacing process, in which the laser heats up and locally melts the surface of the workpiece, while nozzles deliver a mixture of metal powder and gas, which melts and fuses with the workpiece metal under the influence of temperature. Laser surfacing is used primarily in repair processes for expensive components (drive components, wind turbine blades) and molds and tools, as well as for the application of functional coatings.
The laser welding and surfacing heads available from Precitec – thanks to their integrated quality control systems – enable optimal welding and surfacing results for almost any material.

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