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Protective screens and shades

mobilne parawany ochronne przed wiązką laserową
parawany ochronne ekrany przeciw promieniowaniu laserowym
parawany ochronne ekrany przeciw promieniowaniu laserowym

Protective screens per running meters

Protective curtains and panels provide some protection for people in the immediate vicinity of the laser system from exposure to direct or diffuse laser radiation. They are used wherever conditions do not exist for full isolation of the device from its surroundings, i.e. limiting access to a narrow circle of specialized personnel. This type of equipment also plays an important role in preventing accidental scattering of laser radiation on shiny interior elements: tiles, mirrors, picture frames, etc.

For stationary applications, we recommend:

  • safety curtains designed to be mounted on a suspended frame – sold by running meters or with a ready-made mounting system
  • laminate curtains


Mobile security screens

In mobile applications, on the other hand, the following will prove useful:
  • curtains for technicians and service technicians mounted on a movable frame
  • protective screens on castors
All PROTECT filters are compliant with the European standard PN-EN 12254 and have a CE declaration of conformity, certifying that they meet the requirements for protection against laser radiation enacted at the level of the European Union. All products distributed by us are supplied with instructions for use and care in Polish.

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