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Set of individual safety measures for laser welders

Zestaw indywidualnych środków BHP dla spawaczy laserowych
rękawice ochronne dla operatora spawarki laserowej odzież ochronna przed promieniowaniem laserowym Zestaw indywidualnych środków BHP dla spawaczy laserowych
mobilne parawany ochronne przed wiązką laserową
parawany ochronne ekrany przeciw promieniowaniu laserowym

We provide specialized solutions dedicated to providing protection in laser welding processes. The offered products provide effective protection for the whole body, as well as the ability to shield the premises or parts thereof from laser radiation with wavelengths in the 900-1100 nm range.

We offer products from 3 main categories:

1) Eye and face protection:.

We have established cooperation with PROTECT, a leading manufacturer of protective equipment in the European market. By using the products we offer, you gain confidence that the solution will provide you with full protection against laser radiation.

2) Protective clothing:.

In laser processing, especially in welding processes, it is important to protect against accidental material splinters, high temperatures and accidental mechanical injuries. The BODYGUARD protective clothing we offer from PROTECT provides effective protection against these hazards, as well as against any wavelength range – from UV to IR – and can therefore be used in work with all types of lasers currently available on the market, regardless of their mode of operation.

3) Screens, curtains and protective panels:.

These products provide protection for those in the immediate vicinity of the laser system from exposure to direct or diffuse laser radiation. They are used wherever conditions do not exist to fully isolate the device from its surroundings, i.e. to limit access to it to a small circle of specialized personnel. This type of equipment also plays an important role in preventing accidental scattering of laser radiation on shiny interior elements: tiles, mirrors, picture frames, etc.

PROTECT’s products comply with European standards PN 207 / PN-EN 208 and have a Declaration of Conformity CE certifying that they meet the requirements for protection against laser radiation enacted at the European Union level.

All the products we distribute are supplied with instructions for use and care in Polish.

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