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Beam expanders

Beam expanders, also known as beam expanders, are a key component in laser technology for manipulating and changing the parameters of a laser beam. They make it possible to control the size, shape and divergence of the beam, which is important in a wide range of applications, from industry to science and research.
Ekspandery wiązki

Beam expanders perform several important functions. First, they allow modification of the beam size, which is essential in precision material processing, marking or medical diagnostics. Secondly, they allow control of beam divergence, which makes it possible to tailor the beam to specific application needs, as well as to minimize optical aberrations. In addition, beam expanders can be used to change the shape of the beam, which significantly expands the possibilities of its use in various fields.

In our portfolio, you will find a wide selection of beam expanders, supplied by reputable manufacturers in the industry. This allows us to provide our customers with high quality and a variety of solutions to meet even the most specialized requirements.

Cat. no. Product Fits OEM
110010002 Ekspander wiązki 2x - 8x, 1064nm, max d=4.0mm, Linos / Rodenstock
110010003 Ekspander wiązki 2x - 8x, 1064nm, max d=8.0mm, Linos / Rodenstock
110010004 Ekspander wiązki 3x, 1064nm, lasery AB AB Lasers Inc. (Grupa Rofin)
110010004 Ekspander wiązki 3x, 1064nm, Baasel Carl Baasel Lasertechnik GmbH & Co. KG (Grupa Rofin)
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