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Eyewear and health and safety products for medicine and cosmetics

Okulary i środki BHP dla medycyny i kosmetyki
Okulary i środki BHP dla medycyny i kosmetyki
Okulary i środki BHP dla medycyny i kosmetyki

Medical and cosmetic eyewear and health and safety products – meeting European standards

The medical industry is increasingly taking advantage of the capabilities of lasers, and laser technologies themselves are nowadays used not only for medical devices such as stents, hearing aids and operating room equipment, but also during medical procedures. The lasers used in these processes are characterized by specific, highly individualized parameters, and therefore require an individual approach to safety – both for the doctor and medical staff, and for the patient. Hence, we also offer a special line of glasses dedicated to the medical industry from the German company PROTECT. They are distinguished by a wide selection of filters carefully selected for the typical types of lasers used in medicine, as well as an attractive design of the frames, which makes our glasses not only provide an adequate level of protection against laser radiation, but also look good in the working conditions of medical offices. All PROTECT filters comply with European standards PN-EN 207 / PN-EN 208 and have a CE declaration of conformity, certifying that they meet the requirements for protection against laser radiation enacted at the level of the European Union.
In order to facilitate the selection of goggles for a given application, having established cooperation with PROTECT – a leading manufacturer of protective equipment on the European market, we decided not only to sell ready-made products, but also to provide customers with assistance in the selection of equipment best suited to their application. This is served by the form below, which includes questions about the most important parameters of laser operation. By filling it out and sending it to our email address, you will be assured that the solution proposed by us will provide you with full protection against laser radiation. All products distributed by us are supplied with instructions for use and care in Polish.

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