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Health and Safety Seminars

As specialists in the laser technology industry, we pay special attention to safety in working with lasers, including expanding knowledge and competence in our customers and partners. For this reason, we do not limit ourselves to providing advice and selling a wide range of protective equipment for safe work with lasers, but also conduct Laser Safety Officer training courses to build specialized qualifications for employees.

Laser Safety Officer Training

Certified "Laser Safety Officer"

It is intended for professionals working with lasers in a scientific or industrial environment, including primarily engineers, technicians, safety specialists and others who are assigned responsibility for implementing laser safety policies in the workplace.

The Laser Safety Officer is the person responsible for monitoring the safe use of lasers in the work environment – including primarily by determining the appropriate safety and control measures, depending on the level of laser hazard posed by the equipment used.

European Union directives and PN-EN standards require that at least one person qualified as a Laser Safety Officer be appointed at each facility using Class 3R, 3B and 4 lasers.

What does Laser Safety Officer training cover?

As part of the training, participants will learn about safe work with lasers, including:

  • principles of laser operation and characteristics of laser radiation,
  • indirect and direct hazards,
  • criteria for risk assessment,
  • risk reduction measures,
  • legal requirements for safety when working with lasers,
  • Directives and standards describing measures to ensure safety,
  • tasks and responsibilities of the laser safety inspector.

The training ends with a test to verify the acquired knowledge. Passing the final test ensures that the participant receives a certificate of laser safety inspector, confirming participation in the training and entitling him to perform the tasks of this position.

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