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Laser protection goggles

Okulary ochronne przed promieniowaniem laserowym

The growing popularity of laser processing in a wide range of industrial, medical and R&D sectors means that the proper selection of protective eyewear is playing an increasingly important role in ensuring the safety of laser equipment operators. The increasing variety of applications in which lasers are used, as well as the increase in their performance and range of self-adjustment capabilities, also contributes significantly to this.

At the same time, the right choice of safety goggle filter is not an easy task. Being in front of the purchase, it is important to ensure that the laser protection glasses meet the relevant standards and parameters. When choosing a filter, it is important to consider both the parameters of the laser – wavelength range, power and mode of operation, as well as the material of the source (solid state, diode, fiber, CO2, etc.). It is also not made easier by the rich assortment of glasses themselves, which differ not only in the material of the filter (mineral glass vs. plastic), but also in the degree of protection against radiation exposure. The color of the filter itself is also an important functional parameter, determining the degree of transmission and modification of visible light.

Protective eyewear against laser radiation - European standards

While establishing cooperation with PROTECT – a leading manufacturer of protective equipment in the European market, we decided not only to sell finished products, but also to provide customers with assistance in the selection of equipment best suited to their applications. All PROTECT filters are compliant with European standards PN-EN 207 / PN-EN 208 and have a CE declaration of conformity, certifying that they meet the requirements for protection against laser radiation enacted at the level of the European Union.All products we distribute are supplied with instructions for use and care in Polish.

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