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Protective glasses against laser radiation

Szybki ochronne przed promieniowaniem laserowym
szybki ochronne z filtrem przed promieniowaniem laserowym
Like glasses and goggles, laser radiation protection glasses mounted on enclosures, doors and partitions used to isolate the laser radiation source from the external environment are built on the basis of special filters with varying degrees of protection and visible light transmission. Unlike goggles, they are designed to protect not only the operator, but also third parties in the immediate vicinity of the device or room where laser processing tasks are carried out. The selection of a suitable protective rapid filter depends on the operating parameters of the laser: wavelength range, power and mode of operation (cw, pulsed, high-power pulsed, modal). The material of the filter also plays an important role, although today they are mostly made of plastic. To be sure of the right choice of the type of filter, and thus the degree of protection of the glass, it is also necessary to take into account its purpose, i.e. the place of installation and the risk of exposure to radiation at that particular point in space.

European-standard laser radiation protection glasses

Therefore, having established cooperation with PROTECT – a leading manufacturer of protective equipment on the European market, we decided not only to sell finished products, but also to provide customers with assistance in selecting the equipment best suited to their application.

Together with the glass, we also provide dedicated mounting frames, matching the size of the glass. The frame is a separate product and is available at an additional cost.

All PROTECT filters are compliant with European standards PN-EN 207 / PN-EN 12254 and have a CE Declaration of Conformity certifying compliance with laser protection requirements enacted at the European Union level.

All products we distribute are supplied with instructions for use and care in Polish.

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