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Lasers: a matrix of applications

The wide range of laser sources and the versatile possibilities for their integration into machines, production lines and laser processing equipment make it difficult for many customers to choose the laser that best suits their needs.

To cite a few examples: CO2 lasers are excellent for automotive, metal, plastics, packaging and glass processing. Their use in processing delicate electronic components or photovoltaic cells, on the other hand, does not yield the expected results. They are also unsuitable for mold and tool remanufacturing.

Pulsed lasers (Nd:YAG or fiber lasers), on the other hand, prove indispensable in jewelry, semiconductor industry, electronics and medicine. However, they are not recommended for cutting plastics, glass, packaging or organic materials.

Given these complexities, we have developed for you a matrix of laser source applications that clearly illustrates the industry scope of use of a particular type of source. We have divided it against the 13 most popular industries and 8 types of laser sources. In doing so, the terms “solid-state lasers” and “pulsed lasers” include two types of lasers: Nd:YAG lasers and fiber lasers.

JUB jewelry
FIN molds and tools
ELE electronics
FOT photovoltaics
LOT aviation
MOT automotive
OME metalworking

OPA packaging
TYT tobacco industry
POL semiconductors
SZK glass
MED medical technology
TWO plastics

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