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Smoke and laser dust filtration systems

The chronic burden of smoke and dust is also troublesome for machinery, which can break down, causing costly downtime, or decalibrate, important especially in precision machining. From the entrepreneur’s point of view, these problems have a significant impact not only on the level of absenteeism, but also on the economic performance of the company reduced as a result of this absenteeism, reduced precision machining and downtime.

Suction and filtration of laser smoke and dust is not a task that can be effectively performed by ordinary industrial vacuum cleaners. This is because their purpose is solely to remove dirt after processing. In contrast, smoke and laser dust filtration systems separate hazardous substances from the air. Therefore, a suitably efficient extraction and filtration system for fumes and dust, selected for the application, should be taken into account already at the design stage of the future installation.

Laser PRO offers smoke and laser dust filtration systems from the German company ULT with capacities ranging from 80 to 5,000 m3 of air per hour.

Laser dust and smoke filtration systems - why are they so important?

Although laser processing of metals and plastics is a relatively clean process compared to other processing methods, it too produces dangerous fumes and dusts, the ingestion of which over an extended period of time can contribute to serious health ailments. For example, dust generated during metal processing (drilling, cutting, engraving, etc.) can contain harmful heavy metals that accumulate in the body. On the other hand, when processing metal alloys, nickel, chromium or cobalt, among others, are released, and when processing organic materials, highly toxic pyrolysis products such as dioxins and hydrogen chloride are released. Laser smoke also contains fine dust, regular inhalation of which can lead to respiratory diseases, circulatory problems and cancer.

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